Makers of Ultra Premium Whey Spirits


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We are a farm to flask spirit that solves two problems.

  1. The first are for consumers who are looking for true craft and high quality spirits.

  2. The second are for US dairy manufactures who produced over 109 Billion (!) pounds of whey last year and many have no outlet for it.

Some see it as waste… we see liquid gold. Through our proprietary process we have naturally made a remarkably smooth spirit with a flavor unlike anything on the market.


We have partnered with experts in the industry to profile our spirit

Hints of vanilla cream and warm spice rounded with Champagne and pear aromas unlike any other spirit in the category

Crisp, clean flavor expected from an ultra premium vodka but with an uniquely velvety smooth finish



Every bottle produced helps prevent food waste and has been shown in studies to have a significantly lower carbon and water footprint than an equivalent grain based spirit. By preventing waste we help the local communities we source our ingredients from and can ensure a high quality product by working directly with our partners.



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