Craft Spirits Magazine: Guest Column

Emily Darchuk
Date Published:
July 21, 2022

Wheyward Spirit's founder, Emily Darchuk, wrote a by-line article for Craft Spirits Magazine titled "Paving The Whey: Why a food scientist went Wheyward with whey." The feature discusses Emily’s background and the making of Wheyward Spirit. Emily writes, “the biggest realization that I had, especially with a delicate and delicious ingredient like whey, is that what we see as waste isn’t really waste.” She shares how that realization inspired a new outlook on the food system and the backbone for Wheyward spirit. Emily states, “By taking a holistic look at our food system, we can bridge gaps in existing supply chains and handcraft a product that adds value to our producers and customers." The article covers a wide range of topics from sustainability, to the fermentation process, and the importance of having the Wheyward mentality.

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