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Our Spirit

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Wheyward Spirit

(adj) strong-willed , resolute, tenacious, principled, a free spirit


Wheyward Spirit is built on the ethos of doing things differently for the right reasons.

Creating a more sustainable spirit isn’t the easiest path to market but the product and the process is something to be proud of. Our goal is to have a local impact scaled to a national brand, making a dent in waste and changing the way people look at spirits with every bottle sold.


Our Origin Story

A Spirit True to Our Northwest Roots

We partner with dairies to re-purpose their whey into a truly craft spirit. With every bottle we make, we tackle issues of excess whey in the environment and we create further value for our local communities.


Wheyward Spirit COMES from a Desire to Make something better For People and the Planet.. It JUST MAKES SENSE.

The Founder Has been on a journey through the world of food for the past decade. Her path has seen her live and work across the country and design products From baby food to space food and almost everything in between. Her passion lies within the natural food AND DAIRY INDUSTRY where there are close ties from a product to its agricultural roots and consumers care about the impact of the process.

It is this varied experience and DRIVE to take “a cow by the horns” that has led to the creation of Wheyward Spirit; a product true to her vision and Calling.


Our Spirit Animal is Magnificent. Exclusive Image Rights Courtesy of Mark Gemmell.