Our founder and CEO, Emily Darchuk, forged her career as a food scientist in the natural food and dairy industry. While working with dairies she observed firsthand the problem of whey waste impacting small communities. What she saw made her motivated enough to do something about it.

As a scientist Emily knew she could convert whey into alcohol. However, as a consumer who cares about flavor and the impact of her purchases, she wanted to make something unique for others, who like her, care about the origin of their food.

The opportunity to give a voice to those who care and influence the dairy and spirit industries to work together towards sustainability gave her the inspiration to launch Wheyward Spirit. Emily perfected the signature spirit through years of trials, carefully crafting the recipe while she mastered the distillation process hands on and continues to drive our innovation today.


Our mascot is a real cow! She (yes, she!) is a "Highland Coo." Her name is Magnificent, she roams free and she has stories to tell.

She’s far from the average cow and her windblown look embodies the Wheyward Way.

Our Partners

Wheyward Spirit and Ben & Jerry's Dublin Mudslide


Wheyward Spirit is now a values-led sourcing partner with Ben & Jerry's, marked by the launch of Dublin Mudslide!

This beloved flavor was once retired to the Flavor Graveyard, but is back with a new spirit. Indulge in the decadent Irish cream ice cream with chocolate chocolate chip cookies, coffee fudge swirls, and a hint of Wheyward Spirit.

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Wheyward Spirit and Ben & Jerry's Dublin Mudslide


Wheyward Spirit and Fever-Tree is the perfect pairing delivering versatility with values™!

We've partnered with Fever-Tree online and in retail locations to highlight our favorite mules, spritzers, and tonics for delicious cocktails year-round.

With our versatile spirit and the wide range of Fever-Tree mixers, crafting elevated cocktails at home with a focus on sustainability has never been easier.

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We want to change the way people look at spirits with every bottle sold.

Our supporters, those who have joined us to help spread the whey word, make up our loyal Herd.

They appreciate the journey and impact that comes from serving the greater good while having a good time.

It is through the varied experiences of every Herd member and our collective boldness to buck the status quo that a product as unique and impactful as Wheyward Spirit came to be.

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