Our founder and CEO, Emily Darchuk, forged her career as a food scientist in the natural food and dairy industry. While working with dairies, she observed firsthand the problem of whey waste impacting small communities, and she was motivated to do something about it.


As a scientist, Emily knew she could convert whey into alcohol. However, as a consumer who cares about flavor and the impact of her purchases, she wanted to make something unique for others who, like her, care about the origin of their food. 

The opportunity to give a voice to those who care and influence the dairy and spirit industries to work together towards sustainability inspired her to launch Wheyward Spirit and do things differently for the right reasons. 

Emily perfected the signature spirit through years of trials, carefully crafting the recipe through a more holistic approach to spirit production. She mastered the distillation process hands-on and continues to drive our innovation today.

WHY this matters

Checklist of Wheyward Spirit values: We are connecting people to how their food is made; We make more sippable and sustainable spirits through intentional sourcing and production; We are driving innovation from farm-to-cask-to-flask with our award-winning spirits; We are shining a light on the bold, mission-driven community of women in spirits; We are blazing the trail for upcycled and specialty spirits

a CRAFT brand that can

Every bottle we sell helps solve a problem and changes the conversation in spirits for the better.

We’re committed to growing in the right ways with the right people, and are proud to have mission-driven partners at our side.

Group of logos including the Real California Milk seal, Ben & Jerry's Dublin Mudslide, Diverse Powered Brands, Upcycled Food Association, Stop Food Waste Day, RNDC, and NIFA


We want to change the way people look at spirits with every bottle.

Our supporters, those who have joined us to help spread the whey word, make up our loyal Herd.

They appreciate the journey and impact that comes from serving the greater good while having a good time.

It is through the varied experiences of every Herd member and our collective boldness to buck the status quo that a product as unique and impactful as Wheyward Spirit came to be.

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