Practice Mindful Drinking with Wheyward Spirit

Practice mindful drinking with us to slow down and savor the flavor of your drink and actively choose an alcohol that’s more sustainable when you shop Wheyward Spirit. 
December 25, 2021

Practice Mindful Drinking with Wheyward Spirit

We know that you may have three, four, or five different bottles on your liquor store list that you need to buy for your next party or office get together, but it's not necessary.

Wheyward Spirit helps to streamline your purchases and allow for a shared sipping experience at your next party. Wheyward Spriit is a flavorful and versatile specialty spirit made from whey that can replace whiskey, gin, vodka, rum, and more in your favorite cocktails or on the rocks.

This holiday season and beyond, practice mindful drinking with us to feel better as you celebrate and actively choose an alcohol base that’s better for the environment when you shop Wheyward Spirit. 

What is Mindful Drinking?

“Mindful drinking” is the practice of being aware of what and how much alcohol you drink. Especially around the holidays, the expectation to drink is common in social situations or you may even feel like it’s needed to relax. 

There’s a social surge towards drinking at parties, family events, or cozying up by the fire. We love a good cocktail as much as the next person, but mindful drinking may be necessary to help you feel better about what you drink, how much you drink, or who you’re drinking with. 

Mindful drinking can lead to healthier relationships with alcohol and allow yourself to really enjoy events and great drinks with friends through intentional consumption and allow yourself to slow down and enjoy all the senses of your perfectly crafted cocktail.

It skips the strict rules of trends like Dry January for a year-round, long-term approach that’s based in enjoyment and mindfulness instead of restriction. To practice mindful drinking, pause before each new drink and ask yourself whether you are enjoying it and if it supports you and what you stand for.

Drinking Mindfully and Sustainably

Feel good about what you drink and how you’re drinking it! We know personally how the environmental impacts of the alcohol and spirit industry can weigh on how we drink.  Hard liquor can be hard on the environment, on average, a 750-milliliter bottle of liquor produces 6.5 pounds of carbon dioxide, along with extensive water usage to grow grain and create mashes just for the spirit.

Mindful drinking also means making sustainable choices about what alcohol you consume in addition to the amount you drink. As always, we encourage you to imbibe responsibly. We also want to let you know about the benefits of drinking sustainably made alcohol. 

In a previous blog, we talked about the driving social, economic, and environmental factors that go into making Wheyward Spirit. Wheyward Spirit is a more sustainable choice in alcohol as we use excess whey, preventing food waste at the source, a leading contributor to rising greenhouse gas emissions.

Whether it’s affordability, versatility, or consumability, we know what we’re doing has a greater influence on the people, places, and things around us. 

Creating an eco-responsible bar may seem difficult right now, but part of drinking mindfully is considering where your alcohol and spirits come from, and what it costs you as well as the earth.

Enjoy Mindful Drinking with Sustainably Made Alcohol!

With Wheyward Spirit, you can experience natural notes of vanilla and oak with one base that’s light and enjoyable to sip. Don’t feel pressured to buy every gin, vodka, and rum under the sun for your home bar. 

Wheyward Spirit is versatile and allows you to make a wide variety of cocktail creations with a single base spirit so you can savor the flavor slowly and enjoy a one-of-a-kind, unique spirit experience. There’s something for everyone with our whey-based spirit.

Mindful drinking, in terms of what you need and what the world needs, is a happy hour game changer. Whether in a cocktail, on the rocks or savored straight, take time to enjoy the flavor of your drink and have a healthier relationship with alcohol.