Wheyward Spirit Launches Wheyskey

Wheyskey by Wheyward Spirit, a first-of-its-kind whey specialty spirit, enters the US Market.
May 2, 2023

Wheyward Spirit Launches Wheyskey™, A Sustainable, Oak Aged Spirit Made from Whey

Wheyskey by Wheyward Spirit, a first of its kind whey specialty spirit, enters the US Market.

PORTLAND, ORE. (May, 2, 2023) -- Wheyward Spirit, the female owned, award winning, and sustainably-distilled whey spirit company, announced today the launch of their new barrel aged spirit, Wheyskey. The launch of Wheyskey by Wheyward Spirit has, once again, revolutionized the US spirits category with a first of its kind, aged specialty whey spirit. Wheyskey’s first barrel release is now available nationwide via Wheyward Spirit’s website.

Wheyskey by Wheyward Spirit is a spirit for those who value a versatile, complex, and sippable drinking experience. It is a barrel-aged version of the double gold award winning Wheyward Spirit, which enables the distinct Wheyward Spirit flavor that is naturally created during the fermentation and distilling process to fully blossom and mature through oak aging. Wheyskey incorporates the natural development of oaky vanilla, toffee, and warm spice during the farm-to-cask-to-flask journey. The result is a rich and smooth barrel-aged spirit that is both complex and easy to drink neat or use in your favorite cocktails. All of Wheyward Spirit’s products are free from additives and flavorings, as well as being gluten-free, grain-free, and lactose-free.


“At Wheyward Spirit, our ethos is about breaking boundaries and bringing to market better tasting and more approachable spirits made responsibly and domestically. We are so proud of the years of innovation work that went into the launch of Wheyskey and truly believe this spirit will be a game changer for both the liquor and dairy industry as well as consumers who are drinking more mindfully and are seeking more approachable and versatile options where they can actually taste a difference and make a difference.”


Wheyskey continues the company's vision to produce best in class spirits that deliver versatility with values. Like its clear counterpart Wheyward Spirit, Wheyskey upcycles underutilized domestically produced whey instead of using a traditional grain as a whiskey would. Wheyward’s production creates a value added outlet for the over 100 billion pounds of whey that goes to waste annually. As a company, Wheyward Spirit’s upcycling and circular economy implementation prevents food waste, optimizes production inputs for our dairy partners, and minimizes the environmental footprint of spirit production as whey spirits have been shown to generate a lower carbon and water footprint than traditionally produced spirits.

For additional information and recipes, please visit: www.wheywardspirit.com.


About Wheyward Spirit

Wheyward Spirit comes from an authentic pride in being a female owned premium whey-based spirits brand and from our “Wheyward” mentality to buck the status quo and do things differently for the right reasons, from our flavorful and versatile offerings, to our sustainable and domestic farm-to-cask-to-flask production. We invite people to take time to savor our flavor and appreciate the journey and positive impact that both serves the greater good and guarantees a good time. Wheyward Spirit is now available for delivery to 36 states through the organization’s website and regional retailers. For additional information and recipes, you can visit their website: www.wheywardspirit.com. Instagram: @wheywardspirit Facebook: @Thewheywardspirit

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